Gift Designs

Flowers are an appropriate gift for so many occasions; a birthday, anniversary, a thank you to a friend, for a loved one, a missed one or even a personal treat.

We buy the best quality stock that is possible to purchase, and go to extensive efforts in how we condition it to ensure that you get flowers that last for their maximum length.

Designs can vary from the traditional, to the exotic and colourful, or to the contemporary. Whatever your requirements, we're happy to meet your needs.

Flowers can be pre-arranged and delivered already in water ( a hand tied design ), or displayed beautifully with stems left long for you to arrange yourself ( a gift wrapped bouquet ). Other options are to have flowers pre-arranged in floral foam ( an arrangement ), or within a vase.


...Hand Tied Bouquet .................... Gift Wrapped Bouquet ..................Arrangement

hand tied gifts
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